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Here at KNON we know you are sick of all the biased, misleading information out there on the internet when it comes to enlarging your penis size. There is an entire market designed to do nothing other than sell bogus pills and flawed devices that at best might give very limited results, and at worst could even be dangerous.

The surge in interest of penile enhancement has gone hand in hand with the internet, the problem is that anyone can write anything they want online, and many men, especially young men, often take it as gospel. Well, that’s just not how it is. The truth is that it is possible to enlarge the length and girth of your manhood, but it will take plenty of time, and one or more methods may be required to achieve your size goal.

Anything that claims to be able to increase your size in a matter of weeks, or by simply taking a pill, is not worth your money or your time. There is a strong community online of guys who use the methods on this site, and they have had some great results. I highly recommend that you read about all of the options and decide what would best suit your available time and lifestyle.

I’m sure you’ll find my site easy to follow and understand, with no agenda or false claims whatsoever. We are not selling anything and we don’t have any affiliations with particular brands or compaines. It’s just the facts and nothing but the facts. There are some links to trusted sources of information including medical websites discussing extenders, pumps, and more. Hit the links up top and have a look around!

Spotlight Product

the bathmate hydromax x30 seriesIf you are considering choosing a penis pump as your weapon of choice, then you may have heard of the Bathmate. This pump uses water to achieve a good vacuum which is important for a pump.

A strong vacuum pulls more blood into the penis which is what causes the internal chambers to produce more cells, resulting in a bigger erection.

The pump comes in many different sizes, namely the Hercules, Goliath, Hydromax X30, X40, and the newer Xtreme series. Depending on your size, I recommend looking at the X30 or Hercules to start.

The color options are blue, clear, and red. The manufacturer says that a daily 15-20 minute session is the way to go, and this is what most guys seem to follow.

Unlike an extender that primarily increases length, penis pumps like the Bathmate Hydromax are best for gaining girth. They can also provide length growth, but seem to boost penile girth the most. Remember, keep track of your progress and don’t lose your motivation with it. If you can see how far you have come, it will help stay positive when your growth slows down. And believe me, it will!

Newbies tend to have great gains in their first month or two, then they hit a plateau. It can take a while to get through this, and may even need extra exercises like Jelqing to stimulate the penis in a different way. Always warm up before and after doing this.